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Hello Lovely!

We have updates for you.  


In early 2022,  I went back to my original career working full time in the Advertising and Marketing industry. It was a  unique offer from a long time colleague I couldn't refuse.  


We were already working on Sarah taking over our Lakeville studio and Sydney we knew was planning a life change and move to Nashville, TN. Sarah took occupancy in Lakeville on June 1 and now has full ownership of what is now CONJURE BEAUTY!  We are thrilled for her.   We closed the Simsbury studio on July 1, and Sydney is off to Nashville.  (PS she's taking that massive beautiful mirror from the Simsbury studio to her new home, it's all hers!).  We are proud of the successful business we built together over the last 5 years, and wouldn't change a thing. Our little Simsbury studio was a special, spirit-filled home for so many and we are grateful for all of you who visited and shared your lives with us.  We are grateful to know you. 

Please feel free to email with any questions.   I will occasionally take special requests/events if my schedule allows. 

Have an amazing day.....and thank you!!!!!


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